Ecrit & Interprété par : Nick Conrad ,Tony Tdi , Zi / Produit Par Oliver ( Drumdreamers )
Enregistré & Mixé par Alex Joduarn Au Sweet Basement Studios - Paris
Batterie : Mathieu Edouard , Enregistrés au Sweet Basement Studios PaMasterisé Par Steve Corao à Sage Audio - Nashville , TN - USA


Take a look at my style, my face, watch them neggaz I'm with, puffin on weed like this, bet you neggaz wanna do a lil party like this, do a lil party like this, girls all bad, haters all mad, had to put a middle finger up like that, hum, big dawg right there, posted on the block like yeah, imma, throw this, papers, in the, air, I don't really care, who the boss bitch in here, tell her bring a couple lil freaks for the fam, bout to go HAM, thinkin I'm playing, they thinkin I'm playing, I ain't even gotta blame a fake negga to be fake negga, but if a fake negga, trynna beat a real negga, the real negga gotta shoot a fuck negga like now, bitch bow down, I rep my town, put yo face up on the ground, kick yo ass, how you feel now, may God bless, I'm so gone right now, up, up, on them clouds, Diezel in your house, me and your housewife, that shit real as life, nigga u ain't bout that life, you ain't bout that life, Nick, Zi, me, really do live that rap shit, things about to change, you lame ass boys be on some dummy things, we don't approuve it so we had to prouve it on a song, it aint nothing wrong, even if you hate me bitch i'm on


What's the key to success I ain't got 2 clues Trying to keep it real authentic stay true to Share my life with you my feelings I choose to
But who cares about your views if they ain't millions on YouTubeSo I question if I'm really ready built for this 'Cause yo I didn't expect anticipate just didn't prepare for thisI like to believe that there is nothing stopping me But what do you do when the skills you mastered are now obsolete
The rules are changed the game just ain't the same They've turned a page new ways to play you fade away If you can't keep up with changes and remain stuck in the past Hate the fact but older days are never coming back So accommodate 'cause that's the game Realities you have to face
Chapter 8 don't abdicate Adapt to change that's half the race And you can blame the system play the victim Stand against it hate this shit but
These aren't behaviors of a winner


We The New Kings Of the French Game Crowns , Thrones we Sippin that Wine Open your mouth and appreciate what i give it to you it just so fine
real rap deserve respect big stacks nigga fuck da fame let us walkk in theses streets like dre rozay jiggaman NC TDi Zi ,
T' sais pas péra négro pose le mic capte juste comment les flows brillent Huh it was dead nigga i bring back the light
j' sors les armes pour rendre justice , ces negros n' s ' usent pas la santé offre ma vie comme un sacrifice pour que l' excellent se mette à régner im hard u mad at me précieux comme le codex mosconi le verbe roi crée l' harmonie qui tranche les crânes et meurt insoumis
im an outlaw , reppin the real , so royal , nigga fuck your record deal , its war for braves , die on battlefield run for cover nigga only playtawin behind mics take it blood kill that niggas my word as king faussé sont leur jeux et impostures sont leurs victoires , im black nigga im gold ready for grammy awards


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